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Emscherpark – Industrial Heritage Done Right

Emscherpark – Industrial Heritage Done Right by Thomas Stellmach

Zeche Zollverein

Zeche Zollverein (photo by toms)

Last weekend we went for a tour to the Emscherpark, which is meandering between Duisburg and Hamm, with an approximate length of 70 km (straight trajectory Duisburg – Hamm). The objective of this trip was to get a feeling how a huge and dispersed park can work. We are working on a similar project in the greater London area at the moment for or office maxwan, which sponsored this trip.

Tree Pioneer

Tree Pioneer (photo by toms)

The concept of the Emscher Park aims at preserving the industrial heritage, weave a green-blue network into Europe’s largest industrial area and add a new identity as culture and design centre to the defunctional coal and steel industrial areas.


leftovers (photo by toms)

An interdisciplinary team developd the plan over a period of 10 years. The first stage concluded with the opening of the Internationale Bauausstellung Emscherpark (IBA), stage 2 (of 3) is in progress now.


escalator @ zeche zollverein by oma (photo by toms)

The Park consists of several big attractors as the Zeche Zollverein and the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord combined with distinctive parks. The best way to experience the park is to rent a bike and follow one of the designated industrial tours. Guided tours through the former coal production facilities are highly recommendable as well.

Alpine Camouflage

Alpine Camuflage (photo by toms)

Our personal favourite was an indoor ski centre, an ugly infrastructure (camouflaging itself as an alpine village) sneaking up a waste hill. You can use the elevator and just roll up, but don’t get caught.

See a full picture seection below or visit our recently added photo area (which is still a little bit rough).

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  1. well, and the pics are great as well of course. IBA is really one of my favourite urban projects. And ‘Zwischenstadt’ by Tom Sieverts an unfortunately non translated milestone…
    actually it seems to BE translated:


  2. Yep – pics pulled directly from licker eh flickr, much like the calendar and the linklist. Still needs some styling, though.

    And I should have a look at the Zwischenstadt – I’ll meet the Tom Sieverts in a few weeks.

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