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Urban Meetings – The Air Foundation

Urban Meetings – The Air Foundation by Darrel Ronald

Rotterdam’s Air Foundation has a promising lineup of debates as part of their Urban Meetings series of public dialogues. I would especially love to see the debate questioning, “Are cities more important than countries?”
Download the English Pamphlet (pdf).

Urban Meetings
With over half of the world’s population now living in cities, and up to two-thirds by the middle of the century, the issue of how to run a city is becoming increasingly important. Rapid urbanization is having a strong impact on communities, cities, economies, urban ecologies and policies.

How to develop and run a city as an engine for for balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth?? How to connect the challenges of managing and of designing a city in order to further that urban sustainability?

In the context of its 50th anniversary the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) has teamed up with the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and the Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR), to present a series of Urban Meetings to explore the outlines of an Urban Agenda for the 21st century.

By juxtaposing the global with the local perspective, and by triggering an exchange between urban managers and developers, and urban designers and architects, the series of Urban Meetings hopes to shed light on where our cities may be heading if headed right.

Among the speakers are Jan Pronk (former Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation and former Minister of the Environment), Anthony Williams (former mayor of Washington DC), Ivo Opstelten (current mayor of Rotterdam), Jaime Lerner (architect and former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil), Vedran Mimica (Director of the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam and curator of the 3rd International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam) en Kees Christiaanse (architect, and curator of the 4th IABR).

Urban Meetings:
Wednesday 8 oktober – Are cities more important than countries?
Tuesday 14 oktober – Sustainable cities
Tuesday 28 oktober – Leading cities
Thursday 13 november – Safe cities
Thursday 20 november – Inclusive cities
Wednesday 26 november – My city

The Urban Meetings will be moderated by Felix Rottenberg and will take place in Zaal Staal, in the World Trade Center Rotterdam (Beursplein 33).

They are free of admission and will be held in English. We do recommend that you make reservations: info@airfoundation.nl. Please state your name, the name of your organization, the date of the meeting you wish to attend and how many people will accompany you.


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