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update: it’s still standing:

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we’re talking local Beijing time.

1:07爆料User has marked vehicles, are safe to go home, thanks to the concern of everyone, thank you for the support of this report! Hope that all people in the fire Ping’an home! Wishes the injured a speedy recovery! To pay tribute to the brave fire fighters! ! !

1:07 on the road there are a number of taxi cars and more

1:05 There are fire engines and vehicles to the scene of the fire towards.

1:03 only east-west direction along the bus in the walk outside the security line there are still many people, Yuanwang smoke in the building.

At present, the main road 1:02 Sanhuan roads are still closed, have not seen the car, armed police have access to Chaoyang Theater

User claimed 0:59 withdrawal on the road, passing the police station呼家楼, brightly lit inside, there are 7-8 police on standby in the hall. Area where a pedestrian can not see, about 20-30% of the homes also亮着灯.

0:56 blockade pull very long way to evacuate User claimed but in the complex where to wear to wear.

0:53 watch from a distance, there are still open flame, the building enveloped in a touch of smoke.

爆料0:52 in front of friends is moving away from the core area of the evacuation, along the tight police guard.

Netizen 0:46 at the scene said a large open flame has been extinguished, there are several small open flame should be extinguished slowly, on-site masses gradually go back. The reported serious thank you friends, especially at the scene reported that users of this support.

0:29 Building, the west side of 8-9 layers found in a large open flame.

0:28 watch from a distance, the building at the top layer is probably 5-6 more serious damage

0:27 there are still hundreds of people gathered

0:27 came a bus, police have open-circuit

0:25 from the scene of the fire roaring in a 999 ambulance exit.

0:22 at the bottom of the current building open flame has been extinguished the flames at the top of the already very weak.

0:15 has been the discharge of the current period, the building caught fire in place of 500 meters and the sound of fireworks.

0:14 arrived at the scene of a gas vehicle, it is estimated that natural gas pipeline is to be examined.

0:10 have now passed 12 o’clock midnight, the end of the period set off firecrackers, the sound of fireworks outside down finally cease.

0:06 roof open flame continued to burn, flame out into an even channeling

0:05 Building, the external walls of the basic well-preserved glass.

0:04 Building燃火upper point has been extinguished, some from the top down several 10-story about how a new fire up the points.

0:01 爆料Netizen’s site is the first site

23:57 main building is still relatively strong, there is no sign of collapse.

23:56 to see the building outside of the steel frame moldings some bending deformation, but overall relatively stable

23:51 Police began a new round of clearance.

23:50 at the scene to continue to burn in open fires, smoke began to变淡.

23:49 [the people interviewed at the scene] at the top of the building around about 8:30 to start smoking

23:47 onlookers at the scene of the masses is the burning building to take photographs as the background.

23:46 According to today’s atmosphere is the lowest forecast -2 degrees

23:45 We also see that several of the Beijing Emergency Center of vehicles have changed over the

23:43 at the top of the fire with the wind, but also a bit bigger; smoke floating in the north, but almost nothing on the ground feeling the wind

23:42 smoky scene of the fire is still engaged in the construction of the netizens said that there are open fires, he said that if it is white there is no open flame, and generally steam.

Although 23:41 approaching 24 points, but masses still around a lot.

23:39 engaging in the construction of the netizens said that if the floor is completed, there will be self-rescue equipment, water pressure turbocharger, spray top in time to fight the fire, but because the House did not fully completed, speculation may be related to the fire set not complete

23:38 Building, there are open fires in the upper part of combustion, users engage in construction, said the fire point is the building space above the North and the South permeability

23:35 has a similar air burning hair焦糊味Road

23:34 Netizen’s site, the site of the tent has been ignited, but fortunately was timely Fight

23:33 the fire near the ground covered with silver-white film-like material, onlookers at the scene inside the person has engaged in construction, the wall铝扣板is the decoration used in the external walls of buildings, high temperature combustion of this material will melt, the formation of spherical objects falling to the wind, landed after the formation of silver foil-like material

23:19 Building, at the top, there are open fires in central

23:17 police at the scene ambulance fire engines a mastered

23:16 at the scene have a strong pungent smell of smoke

23:15 爆料Netizen site where the wall has become a temporary cordon, the police non-users to observe the fire site

23:14, Chaoyang Road, armed police have come out, wearing a military uniform photographers also work to

23:11 and 4-5 ambulances entered the scene of the fire, medical personnel entering the scene, N cars that read, “Chaoyang sanitation” of the sprinkler at the scene

23:11 smoke in the main building structure is clearly visible

23:06 Building, at the top continue to smoke billowing smoke

23:04 burning building at the scene after the ground has fallen residues, dust, etc.

23:03 2 black and white police cars under the guidance and entered the train, may be leading from the scene command

23:02 Workers at the scene said the fire is from the west side of the building began burning, spread to the eastern side of the

22:59 on the north side of the burning building, has a 15-story residential buildings, according to the fire about 150 meters

22:59 It is regrettable that at a distance of 300 meters of the building place, there are still people in the discharge of fireworks

22:57 According to the workers near the site said the fire is caused by discharge of fireworks, the fire first of all start from the upper part of the building; from the upper part of the burning building until the fire, about half an hour between the time.

22:56 British scene with one digital camera, photos look him is to get the camera onto the flames

22:52 express the users, it should be 10 points or more earlier MTR began broadcast Say Let all get off at the International Trade

22:50 from the subway users, said on the 10th line Guomao station closed, passengers were evacuated

22:48 engineering vehicles to provide an elevated

22:47 Xiaoyun Road, about 200 meters south of the framework of a flashing lights.

22:43 standby firemen boarded the fire engine, it seems that in the rotation

22:43 left open flame 1,2 Department of

22:41 the fire on the north side, 200 meters around the construction site is still normal

22:36, a fire may fire injuries and was taken away from the ambulance at the scene

22:32 According to the vicinity of the masses, said the fire was caused by fireworks was discharged, the building caught fire on the officers have been transferred.

22:31 user is away from the scene of the fire not far from the site of the Agency

22:30 is not too much wind at the scene, smoke was dissipated

22:30 at the scene could hear the sound of firecrackers

22:29 Number of Road white searchlight, playing in the Building

22:28 Police cordon still expanding, the fire continued

22:25 building is still burning in the allocation of flats, about 3-4 layers

22:23 building a smoke to cover up

22:22 netizens changed locations and found that the upper part of the building there are two ignition points, feeling the fire was under control, there is no just so ferocious

22:16 爆料the request of friends in the police back 50 meters, I feel the police to prevent building collapse affected onlookers

22:15 Building the edge of the 6-storey flats to continue burning their 4-5 layer

22:13, about a platoon of armed police cordon at the scene pulled

22:12 The fire has taken control of

22:11 in the burning building to allow

22:10 Jingguang Bridge has become a police car temporary car parks,呼家楼East Bus Rapid Transit stations, a dozen fire engines lined up in standby

22:07 User: 15 of the moon hidden in smoke when the time is now

[Please Abstract] the evening of February 9 to about 9:00, CCTV, deputy floor on fire, the fire rising from the west side, with the continuous spread of fire, on the west side almost destroyed. Then, by the impact of wind, and everyone spread to the east side, and the scope has expanded, and then a lot of fire engines arrived and failed to immediately control the fire, smoke rising.

22:06 爆料Netizen visual distance of the fire about 300 meters

22:05 a lot of people armed with cameras cameras in shooting

22:04 Have the ambulance at the scene, casualties unknown

22:04 Building, towering flames, thick smoke from the very long-distance can be clearly seen near the traffic has been blocked, cell phone signal disturbance.

22:04 Building has internal flashing lights, the suspect is the staff are crying for help. Night about 9:30, the disappearance of internal flash, it is estimated that staff have the basic evacuation. At this moment, from the building above the fire had been caused by the lower spread.

Review of CCTV, deputy floor on fire, the fire rising from the west side, with the continuous spread of fire, the eastern side of the almost destroyed. Then, by the impact of wind, and everyone spread to the east side, and the scope has expanded!

21:59 CCTV building has been smoke cover.

21:58 user is near the scene claimed the fire

21:56 Police have sealed off the region

21:51 feeling a burning building on the eastern side has been almost

21:50 occurred once or twice a fierce explosion

21:49 just heard the explosion, I feel some inclination Floor

21:48 site has dozens of fire engines

21:47 roof intense burning, black smoke in the gold particles

21:46 According to onlookers at the scene, the fire started from 8:30 significant.

21:40 Up to now, the fire is still burning, the dust billowing smoke, near the district residents have felt very choked.

21:30 in the three-ring near the main road, has gathered thousands of the masses.

21:10 not near a phone signal in the region have limited transportation, have a lot of people gathered nearby, television reporter filming. Fire floor, CCTV is not the main building (big pants), is the edge of the CCTV, deputy floor.

Is said to be in the yard fireworks lit the fire started from the third floor and then, has been up.

Today is the Lantern Festival, Beijing, fireworks going off very enthusiastic.

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