Written by Martin Sobota

TVCC on Fire

TVCC on Fire by Martin Sobota

We just got news that the TVCC, just next to the CCTV building is burning. Looks like we have to add a new category of famous buildings in flames
source: Oana & 潘石坚

update: DAMN! this thing is burning like a torch!!!

update: done a bit of research now. 2 interesting things: apparently the FIRE was set off by fireworks that are set off for hours on yuanxiao jie, the last day of spring festival.
It is also reported that “huge chunks are falling off”
via toomanytribbles

The flames are bigger than any I’ve ever seen on a building:
via toomanytribbles

the second thing is that it was first reported by eye witnesses on twitter, sending text messages and mobile phone images. via: building.co.uk

videos HERE

This picture was posted about 15:30 today
It is happening NOW.


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