Written by Darrel Ronald

The Dawn of Contemporary Dutch Architects

The Dawn of Contemporary Dutch Architects by Darrel Ronald


Y-Oevers Collage ( © unknown)

Back in 1992, the young and aggressive Dutch architects that we know so well today, came together to work on a large project in Amsterdam. The Ruimtelijk Scenario Y-Oevers Amsterdam (Translation: Spatial Scenarios for the Y-Waterfront Amsterdam) shows a long list of heavy-hitting architects and urbanists that now largely control the European architecture debate.

The project was carried out by the teams of: OMA, Neutelings, van Berkel & Bos (now UN Studio), Christiaanse (now KCAP) and West8. The model was built by De Rijk Parthesius (including Vincent de Rijk). Even more impressive was the line-up of the teams and to see where each of the members went on to. At times, they started their own offices, as with the case of Alejandro Zaera (Foreign Office Architects), Winy Maas (MVRDV) and Rients Dijkstra (Maxwan). The final booklet for the project reads as a whos-who of contemporary Dutch architecture, and the designs and presentation methods within are absolute precursors to the styles developed by each of the offices throughout the rest of the 1990s until today. You can almost tell which architects worked on which drawings, it’s an amazing period just prior to the launch of the many offices we see today in Rotterdam.


Y-Oevers Project Team List

It is one of the most impressive architect lists in the history or contemporary Dutch architecture.


Y-Oevers Programmatic Plan ( © unknown)


Y-Oevers Open Waterfront ( © unknown)


Y-Oevers Program Overview ( © unknown)


Y-Oevers Perspective Sketch ( © unknown)


Y-Oevers Sections and Axonometrics ( © unknown)


Y-Oevers Model ( © Vincent De Rijk)

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  1. Very nice! is there a chance you guys could post more of the images? or this something that could be found in a library? (@TU Delft ideally :)


  2. Unfortunately Darrel is in Montreal, and I am in Aleppo – if you need it for research, you can always contact maxwan (www.maxwan.com), refer to this article, mention Darrel, and ask if you can visit the office o have a look at the folder. I cannot promise anything, but my colleagues there are friendly and helpful.

  3. Peter, as Thomas says, neither of us can access the book right now, or the coming months. It was the presentation booklet -spiral bound A3 Landscape. For sure it should be available in the OMA archives if you need it for research. Perhaps the NAi could also give you a lead? If you are doing an MSc at TU Delft, perhaps one of the professors could connect you with one of the designers?
    Sorry we cannot help more, good luck.

  4. […] Archinect has just published a short interview with Vincent de Rijk, arguably the Netherlands most well-known and admired physical model builder. He has made a large contribution to the aesthetics of contemporary Dutch architecture with his models. Most of us have seen his models in exhibitions, but unfortunately he has no (known) website that covers his work completely. We have also published an early model of de Rijk’s in The Dawn of Contemporary Dutch Architecture. […]

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