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Short Notice: Archydam + Raise It Up! @ NAi

Short Notice: Archydam + Raise It Up! @ by Darrel Ronald

Archydam - Plan
Archydam Plan, source: Raise It Up

This coming Saturday between 14.00 and 15.00, 14th July, will see the book launch of Archydam: Een Hoopvolle Stad at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi). Archydam is the product of Raise It Up, the brainchild of Rotterdammer Goshia Grubbin. This will especially be a great event for anyone with kids!

It is an educational project for immigrant children between the ages of 7 and 14 living in Rotterdam. Raise It Up first has the kids think about, and study the world around them. And then at the end of this process they developed an urban plan for a fictional city, Archydam, wherein each of them created their own architectural masterpiece. It is a tool for teaching the kids to understand their new environment, in comparison to the world they originally came from.


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