Written by Darrel Ronald

Rebuilding the Bouwkunde (TU Delft) – Coming March 14!

Rebuilding the Bouwkunde (TU Delft) – Coming March by Darrel Ronald

Photo © Dennis87 on FlickR

Since the devastating fire that consumed the notorious architecture faculty at the TU Delft in 2008, the architectural community in the Netherlands has been holding their breadth to find out what their new faculty would look like. The open international ideas competition has recently closed, and the TU Delft is planning to launch the project winners at the NAi in the coming weeks.

On March 14th at the NAi, the award winners and mentions will be announced and a debate held to discuss the work. The museum will simultaneous open an exhibition documenting the work that will run until the 7th June 2009. In total 466 entries came from 50 countries, and the competition organizers will publish a monograph of the work this May.


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