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Realities:United Interview

Realities:United Interview by Darrel Ronald

The German architecture magazine, BauNetz, has added a short, but smart interview with Tim Edler from Realities:United. Realities:United is by far the leader in media surfaces integrated to architecture, and the short interview articulates how Edler sees their work in relation to architecture and what projects are meaningful to him. He states that in some cases: “Media facades are also a symptom of weak architecture.” Talking about the integration of media in European architecture, he argues that: “Communication media in architecture is often motivated by an image of modernity” and that it stems from our reading of Asian cities or from science-fiction films. The video also highlights a collaboration with Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos from Spain, as featured in the Re-Sampling Ornament exhibition. One of the office’s exciting new projects, the ECB building in Frankfurt, aims “To shift technical systems to an aesthetic role” and proposes the total control of the lighting system at night for a massively orchestrated 3-dimensional sculpted light show.

The video is presented as part of BauNetz TV’s Crystal Talk series, which includes other recognized architects and designers such as Delugan Meissl. Other BauNetz videos can be found at their You Tube subscription page.

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  1. yeah, it’s fantastic work.
    It’s also a great example of an evolving idea. They really push it one step ahead each time. Otherwise they won’t accept the commission I guess. ;-)

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