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Questions & Flowers – a Retrospective by Fischli & Weiss

Questions & Flowers – a Retrospective by Fischli by Thomas Stellmach


Peter Fischli / David Weiss: “Objects From the Raft”, 1982; Source: unknown

This sunday i went to see the exhibition of swiss artist duo Fischli & Weiss in Milan,Italy, organized by the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi. Get the first impression by a video on youtube. It runs until the 16th of march, but afterwards it will move to Hamburg (18. April until 31. August in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg). The exhibition space is the beautiful Palazzo Litta, the perfect frame for their work. They are dealing with a wide range of means: multimedia installations, photography and sculptures.Their most famous piece of work is the movie titled “Der Lauf der Dinge” (How things go), from 1987, at the documenta 8. Their basic principle is to pick up objects and situations of daily life and transforming them into a new context. What do they exactly aim at? Do they try to find answers on the philosophical and theoretical questions of life is their irony and also tremendous humour a notion to cheer up in a complex world?
One extract of a Super 8 movie shows Fischli & Weiss, dressed as a bear and a rat, strolling through Hollywood, questioning life.The bears’ comment ( in “the least resistance”): ” I hate this chaos in the world. Nothing works. Everything is hopeless and sad.”

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Peter Fischli / David Weiss: “Shoe”, 2007; Source: unknown
Lauf der Dinge
“The Way Things Go”, 1986-87; Source: unknown
“„Sausage series“,1979; Source: unknown
„Büsi (Kitty)“, DVD of a milk licking cat, 6″ 30′ in continous loop,2001; Source: unknown


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