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Publiek: Take a piss here!

Publiek: Take a piss here! by Darrel Ronald

Monica Bonvicini-site
Don’t Miss A Sec, Monica Bonvicini (Photo: Darrel Ronald)

Sculpture International Rotterdam has just opened this years public art installations, Publiek, showing the work of Ugo Rondinone (CH), Monica Bonvicini (IT/DE) and Germaine Kruip (NL). The work is clustered around Rotterdam’s historic City Hall along the Coolsingel, and activates the city on multiple scales, from the interior space of the recently closed Postkantoor, to the rooftop signage of the Generale Bank, to the doorstep of the City Hall. The outdoor exhibition will be open daily, and is on display until the 18th November, 2007. Above and below Monica’s amazing piece Don’t Miss A Sec, a public toilet made entirely of one-way mirrored glass, causing its user a disconcerting feeling of exhibitionsm or inverse voyeurism.

Don’t Miss A Sec, Monica Bonvicini (Photo: Darrel Ronald)


Big Mind Sky, Ugo Rondinone (Photo: Darrel Ronald)
Recording, Germaine Kruip (Photo: Darrel Ronald)

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