Written by Darrel Ronald

PIN-UP: Enjoy Architectural Entertainment

PIN-UP: Enjoy Architectural Entertainment by Darrel Ronald

PIN-UP #4 – Cover

Now in its 4th issue, PIN-UP: Magazine for Architectural Entertainment has proven to be a great magazine that has lasted past its first few issues to be a hopefully lasting review on architectural and design culture. Having first seen issue #2 back in the summer of 2007 at the Pro qm bookstore installation at Documenta in Kassel, the magazine has been notoriously hard-to-find throughout Europe and North America. Released by Bruil in the Netherlands, the magazine apparently shares similar roots as our other preferred review, Fantastic Man.

Felix Burrichter, PIN-UPs founder and editor was invited to write a short blog post in the New York Times in order to explain his idea behind issue #4 of the inventive review. In addition, he has posted numerous articles on The Moment through the New York Times. The magazine takes a fascinating perspective on the world of architecture and its by-products. The discipline is set within the larger context of design production and the cultural place that architecture plays in society. The articles are great tangents, the fashion coverage is brilliant, the interviews varied and the layout is excellent. If you’re in MontrĂ©al, swing by the Canadian Centre for Architecture to pick up your copy.

PIN-UP #4 – Excerpt from the article on Roger Bundschuh
PIN-UP #4 – Excerpt from the article on Aranda/Lasch
PIN-UP – Previous Covers


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