Written by Darrel Ronald

Out There: Architecture Beyond Building – Our Best Photos

Out There: Architecture Beyond Building – Our Best by Darrel Ronald

Venice Architecture Biennale

Rockwell Group with Jones`Kroloff; Arsenale Pavilion; Photo by: Darrel Ronald

Dysturb has spent the opening press weekend at the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale. This year’s theme, Out There: Architecture Beyond Building, was curated by Aaron Betsky, the former director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute, and now director of the Cincinatti Art Museum (previous article here).

As we start to process the event, we have first uploaded our best images for all of you to see: Dysturb or FlickR. Coming soon will be more detailed articles. To find out more about the individual country pavilions both within the Giardini and around Venice, their listing and links can be found here.

See all pictures here:

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