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Now Published: Power to the House – Powerhouse Company

Now Published: Power to the House – Powerhouse by Darrel Ronald

Power To The House
Power To the House cover, source: Powerhouse Company

The emerging Rotterdam architecture and urbanism office, The Powerhouse Company, has just published their first “autobiographical magazine”, Power to the House. The magazine is an exciting overview of their work over the past couple years, and features architectural and urban projects, buildings under construction, competitions, and research.

The Powerhouse Company is run by Nanne de Ru in Rotterdam, and Charles Bessard in Copenhagen. The two-year old office is off to a good start with their strategy of working across Europe. The young architects have split their office in two cities from the start and exploit free online tools and cheap long-distance networking tools such as Skype, Gmail, You Send It, Lulu and Transavia. They represent a new generation of ambitious architects that know how to exploit the tools of globalisation to get things done.

The magazine is self-published, and can be either downloaded digitally for free, or bought and delivered to you in print form, from Lulu online publishing.

Here are some of the projects:

Powerhouse-Villa 1
Villa 1, Netherlands, under construction

Powerhouse - Dutch Houses
Dutch Houses, Netherlands

Powerhouse - Spiral House
Spiral House, France, under construction

Powerhouse - Water tower
On Top of Things – Watertower Conversion, Denmark, design phase

* More photos here: Powerhouse Company

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