Written by Martin Sobota

MVRDV’s first Rotterdammer

MVRDV’s first Rotterdammer by Martin Sobota

MVRDV Blue Houses

air foundation is inviting us to see MVRDV‘s first realized project in Rotterdam.
After the Blue Houses in Beukelsdijk have been demolished, MVRDV fills the gap with a roof extension in Beatrijsstraat 71.

AIR is organizig a visit on Feb. 28th. The program reads as follows:
17.00 talk with Gishlaine van de Kamp (client), projectarchitect Fokke Moerel (MVRDV), Eric Vreedenburgh (architect and author of ‘Luchtgebonden bouwen’) as well as Wijnand Galema (projectcoordinator AIR)
17.45 tour
19.00 end

reservation have to be made by: 010 280 9700, or info@airfoundation.nl

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