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MIMOA – community architecture guide

MIMOA – community architecture guide by Thomas Stellmach


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MIMOA (MI MOdern Architecture), the community driven architecture project database, has been launched officialy this weekend in Amsterdam. Architecture 2.0, I hear you say. But this time it is a useful, well-designed project. The overall contribution quality is high, and we can only hope that the word spreads and the database fills up – not only with the well-known and published, but also with obscure gems. Interesting in that respect is the collaboration with A10, an interesting projects on it’s own. A10 magazine will add projects they publish to the Mimoa database.


What is MIMOA
It is the best source of information for your city trip in Europe with all Modern Architecture in one view. MIMOA shows Europe’s Modern Architecture on a map with the address and all additional information you need to actually find and visit interiors, parks, public places, buildings and bridges.
MIMOA is free and open for everyone to contribute: publish your projects, posts comments and ratings, define your personal favorites and keep track of the projects you’ve visited. All this personal information, reviews and opinions, define the current trends in architectural Europe.
MIMOA is intended for anyone interested in Modern Architecture, design, culture, photography, cities, Europe, travelling, visiting buildings, knowing how to get there, whether the project is public and what the opening hours are. You can make your own personal convenient architecture guide.

The last few years we have seen an extraordinary shift in the way we live, travel, work and vacation. Now that budget airlines fly through all of Europe and internet has brought all kind of information handy, the world has shrunk and we can enjoy it every weekend. It seems everything is published, reviewed and read, so, checking out cities or basking on a beach are only two of many choices to make on a Thursday evening.
And yet there is still so much more to discover, invent and admire. With architecture as our mutual obsession, there is a wealth of new talent to hunt down and architectural treasures to be unearthed in countries whose borders have recently been opened. Creativity and technology are running forward. And it is this forward-looking mentality that excites us at MIMOA.
In 2007 Rotterdam is the architectural-capital of Europe, London regards the Creative Industry to be the largest growth factor in its economy and the city-council of Berlin considers Culture as the only source of development for the next fifty to hundred years. Trendy neighbourhoods in Barcelona draw inhabitants (and entrepreneurs!) from far across the Spanish border, in all of Europe, old cities sprout and draw attention with new marvelous designs by the latest Superstar-Architect. For European cities the Architectural Energy has become the foremost monitor for cultural and economic prosperity.
But really, the all-too-familiar big names and big buildings are not that difficult to trace. We want to get close to those creative spurts that you can only find when accidentaly stumbled upon. Where are the small pearls, the yet to be discovered talents, the buildings only locals know about?
Therefore we have dedicated ourselves to bring this local Modern Architecture closer to YOU. YOUR Modern Architecture, assembled, compiled and completed, synoptic, swift and always up-to-date. Architecture for everyone to be added, searched, visited and re-viewed, MY Modern Architecture: MIMOA.

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  1. A very similar site to Mimoa is Urbarama. Urbarama is a Web 2.0 Atlas of Architecture and it’s not restricted to Europe neither to ‘modern’ architecture as Mimoa was originally. It intends to make sharing architecture and engineering projects very simple. It comes with an API and projects, maps and user profiles come with an ’embed’ feature to display projects in blogs or websites a la youtube.

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