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Mies Rediscovered

Mies Rediscovered by Thomas Stellmach

Mies Flickr Grid

Mies van der Rohe Contemporary Photography (via kosmograd)

My journey as a teacher to Syria is also a journey back to the architectural roots of modernism. The students here are innocent when it comes to history, so It was back to school for myself: I reverted to study Mies & Corbusier again, in order to pass on the knowledge. This is why I was excited by this find:

At auction house Jeschke, Hauff & Auvermann in Berlin, on November 13th 2007 is an auction of 123 photographs from the prewar ouevre of Mies van der Rohe. Now my understanding is that Mies was notoriously restrictrive about images of his work being distributed and published, so these are a real find. But their provenance is debatable, and their origins unknown.

Read on on Kosmograd.

Kosmograd tediously collected the auction’s images in a flickr-set. Among them pictures of the original (!) Barcelona Pavillion, The Weissenhof Siedlung and Haus Tugendhat. Thank you.


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