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King Rem Shovelling Sand

King Rem Shovelling Sand by Martin Sobota


SSE breaking ground ceremony ( © OMA)

That was quick: The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has broken ground. OMA won the competition just a year ago, now has moved a team of architects to Shenzen and starts building.

SSE consists of a central tower with an elevated box raised off the ground to provide a canopy for a public plaza beneath.


There was a rather controversial discussion on dezeen when the competition result was announced. I have to say that I still buy the simplicity story. Icons that are able to talk to other icons and are not autistic. Whether that public plaza will ever be used in the intended way? Time will tell. However, Lina BoBardi’s Museum of Art in Sao Paolo is a great place.
What is also nice is the reference to Mies’ Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. That building together with Jenny Holzers Installation was really amazing. Here we go again:


more pics & snippets from the press release:

“Lifting the base in the air vastly increases its exposure,” says Koolhaas. “In its elevated position, it can ‘broadcast’ the activities of the stock market to the entire city.

“The essence of the stock market is speculation: it is based on capital, not gravity,” he continues. “In the case of Shenzhen’s almost virtual stock market, the role of symbolism exceeds that of the program – it is a building that has to represent the stock market, more than physically accommodate it.”


The premise of OMA’s design is based on the essence of the stock market as speculation and the desire to create a building that is beyond symbolism for an almost virtual stock market.

For millennia the solid building has stood on a solid base which anchors the structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. In the SSE building the traditional base is lifted up the tower to become a floating platform to broadcast the economic information of the virtual market and in turn liberate the space on the ground for public space and events.


Facts: Site: 132,000m2 land in the downtown area of Shenzhen
Program: Total 175, 000m2: Rental office 86,000 m2; Registration & clearing house 20,000 m2; Accessory area 15,000 m2; Securities information company 15,000 m2; SSE office area 14,500 m2; Trading floor 14,500 m2; Technical operations area10,000 m2. Height 200m

OMA Rotterdam
Partner in charge: Rem Koolhaas
Associate in charge: Shohei Shigematsu
Team: Anna Little, Christin Svensson, Jason Long, Carlos Garcia Gonzales, Joao Bravo da Costa, Mauro Parravicini, Mariano Sagasta, Bart Schoonderbeek, Konstantin August, Klaas Kresse, Kengo Skorick, Katharina Gerlach, Mendel Robbers, Hong Yong Sook, Beatriz MInguez de Molina, Martti Kalliala, Andrea Bertassi, Daniel Ostrowski, Yuanzhen Ou,

Todd Reisz, Brendan McGetrick

OMA Beijing
Partner in charge: Ole Scheeren
Team: Dongmei Yao, Hiromasa Shirai, Anu Leinonen, Tieying Fang, Pei Feng, Xinyuan Wang

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