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International Design Salaries

International Design Salaries by Darrel Ronald

Coroflot Design Survey 2007

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There are countless conversations among architects about pay, and how architecture is (apparently) poorly paid. Now there’s some good proof. An awesome online survey and searchable database was shown to me today, assembled by Coroflot. You can view the datasets here, sort by country as well as occupation and job title. The few graphics are great too. It isn’t surprising that among the design professions (graphic, fashion, interactive media, and so forth), architecture has one of the lower ceilings.

Archinect has had a salary poll running for quite some time, and it has always been a fascinating read. But it has always been incomplete, has no sortable databases, and didn’t offer a comparative analysis. In comparison, the Coroflot survey boasts 4250 respondents from 73 countries. What is clear is that in most design fields the incomes are rising nicely. On top of this, you’re best paid as a consultant. Nonetheless there are some hard-to-explain anomolies that stick out. It turns out that designers in India are some of the worlds best-paid, up there with Americans and Australians. Hmm.

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  1. India? Anomaly? America? Australia?
    Well, good morning and welcome to the new world order!

  2. somewhat dubious survey I find. I checked it a bit deeper and the survey is based on roughly 250 architects worldwide. which is not rally a lot…
    If you filter it by location http://www.coroflot.com/community/detailed_results.asp
    you’ll see that there is i.e. one respondant for both the Netherlands and Germany.
    So it seems thats a nice survey for the US but globally its far less than representative. Too bad. would be nice to have sth. like this.
    Check out wonderland magazine on a survey for starting architects:

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