Written by Darrel Ronald

Dysturb The Future

Dysturb The Future by Darrel Ronald

Dysturb is relaunching!

But there will be some changes, especially in the focus of the magazine.

The Past: Back when we started Dysturb in 2007, Myself, Thomas and Claudia were all working at Maxwan in Rotterdam, and Martin had his own practice in Rotterdam, Cityförster. Our goal was to offer a glimpse into our architecture, design and urbanism world within the Netherlands. Our focus was broad and the site offered both new content (articles, photographs, recordings of events) as well as links to important events and work being done.

The Present: Today though, our situations have changed. We’re now a slightly reconfigured group that includes: Darrel Ronald (Rotterdam), Davide Sacconi (London), Martin Sobota (Rotterdam), Thomas Stellmach (Berlin). Our careers have evolved and our available time has become even less. We have continued to found practices and to collaborate within other offices as well as teach with greater commitment.

The Future: Dysturb aims to define, explore and discuss agendas for cities, urban design and spatial planning in the context of today and the future.

We will focus upon the theory and praxis of urbanism, exploring: theory, practice, projects, publications, events and research. It will stem from our individual research, teaching, curiosities, hunches and practice. This can take many forms such as articles, essays, opinion pieces, discussions and interviews.

Each of the authors will develop a critical position through their writing which allows us to develop a variety of approaches to theory, strategy and tactics. We will also develop critical dialogues between the authors surrounding individual articles with respect to the emerging themes and topics.

Now Go Dysturb!