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Data Mines

Data Mines by Thomas Stellmach

Worldwide Prison Population Rate

Worldwide Prison Population Rate (manyeyes)

I am a sucker for data. I have collected some useful, some beautiful sources for demographic and political data I’d like to share. Let the statistics surprise you.

First of all there is IBM’s Many Eyes Project ( found via edgargonzales). It is a bet on the power of human visual intelligence to find patterns. Our goal is to “democratize” visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis. (from their website) The community driven site lets users upload data and display it with different graphical engines – with informative and visually stunning results.

R_D Investment

Research and Development Investment (manyeyes)

the Human Development Report, which also offer their entire dataset as a downloadable pdf. The Human Development Index has the goal of putting people back at the center of the development process in terms of economic debate, policy and advocacy. The goal was both massive and simple, with far-ranging implications – going beyond income to assess the level of people’s long-term well-being. (from their website).

Human Development Report

Human Development Report top 25 countries (as always, click to enlarge)

Worldmapper is a collection of maps, stretched according to the statistical data of interest.

Refugee Origins (Worldmapper)

Refugee Origins: Territory size shows the global proportion of refugees and internally displaced persons originating there. (Worldmapper)

Worldprocessor is a similar project by Ingo Günther, marrying data with art by painting maps on countless of plastic globes.

Peaceful Countries during the 1980s

Peaceful Countries during the 1980s (worldprocessor)

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy (worldprocessor)

With 82 years Japan has the highest life expectancy. All 35 countries at the bottom of this list are located in sub-Saharan Africa; their citizen’s average life expectancy is between 52 and 39 years.

The data for the above globe originates from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) Statistics Portal where you can find data, well, about anything – including full reports and excel data dumps.

The same holds true for Eurostat, the European Union’s Statistics portal. The data is restricted to the EU – but more in depth, down to the regional level. The quite technical interface offers you to create your own comparison charts – and nowhere else would you find the total length of motorways per country.

total length of motorways

total length of motorways per country (2003, eurostat)

consumer price index

consumer price index – in finland you get the least, in turkey the most for your money (may 2007, eurostat)

A comprehensive collection of world country information is The World Fact Book by the CIA. Also available as a download for offline use (factbook.zip 44.5MB).

You’ll find all of the above links in our link archive. Check it out.

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  1. It is also worth looking at the Gapminder interactive data display. It was first developed by Swedish professor, Hans Roslings, over recent years.

    Be sure to watch the TED Video – fantastic.

    This is the Gapminder World 2006 interactive interface:

    And following his work, rumour is that he managed to convince the UN to open up their databases.

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