Thomas Stellmach is is best known as founding partner of Uberbau, a planning practice with focus on strategic urbanism, and as planning expert for UN-Habitat. Born in Freiburg, Germany, and educated in Berlin and Barcelona his focus of interest has become sustainable urbanism in a transforming world. Thomas has since lived in Rotterdam, Aleppo, and Nairobi and has for now settled in Berlin. Recent work includes the strategic plan for Germany’s Ruhr region, and city transformation and extension projects in Baghdad and Moscow. He has taught at the Berlage in Rotterdam, NL, the University for Science & Arts in Aleppo, Syria. More recently, he lectured at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Strelka in Moscow, UPC in Barcelona, and AUB in Beirut among others. For the United Nations he supports the programme for achieving sustainable urban development and coordinates pilot projects in the Philippines, Rwanda, and Mozambique.

Darrel Ronald is currently guest lecturer in the Complex Projects chair at TU Delft and project leader with KCAP Rotterdam. He has worked with MVRDV, Maxwan a+u and is co-founder of the Montréal architecture practice Open Form Architecture. From Winnipeg, Canada, he has studied at both the University of Manitoba and the Université de Montréal (M.Arch) and has recently completed an architecture residency at the British School in Rome and a research grant on digital fabrication. Darrel’s current focus is solving complex spatial problems across all scales of urbanism and spatial planning.