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Nederlands Fotomuseum (screenshot from their site)

I’ve just added a couple of dates to our Calendar page –

First of all, there is tonight's panel at the NAi discussing the state of architecture critique in the Netherlands (language will be dutch, fee is 5e). From their announcement:

Aan de hand van drie introducties van architectuurcritica Angelika Schnell (D), architectuurhistoricus Cor Wagenaar (NL) en docent architectuurkritiek Paul Vermeulen (B) wordt gedebatteerd over de stand van zaken in de architectuurkritiek in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Zij gaan in op de vraag in hoeverre de architectuurkritiek verdrinkt in de verschuiving van tekst- naar beeldcultuur? Hoe reflecteert ons denken over het maatschappelijk belang van de architectuur in de architectuurkritiek? En aan welk type architectuurkritiek is in de huidige tijd behoefte?

Also today the “Nederlands Fotomuseum” opens at Las Palmas – finally. There they’ll have enough room to host their extensive collection of not only photography, but also movies and digital media. The Las Palmas Building housed the Holland-America Line since 1953, but was soon used for other things, among them as a trade station for goods from the Canary Islands, thus the name. Benthem Crouwel Architecten conceived the renovation plans for its new use. The opening exhibitions are “Dutch Eyes’ and ‘Panorama Las Palmas”. See nederlandsfotomuseum.nl to see what else is going on on this opening weekend and after.

On the 26th of April you’ll find us at the Worm – a location we favor anyhow – where the new Yearbook of Dutch Architecture will be presented. It’s free, but you can make sure they’ll let you in at www.naipublishers.nl.

In the night of the 24th of may you’ll be able to behold the results of the eldaplus.org workshop “spelen met licht” (play with light). The selected locations gravitate around the Erasmus bridge. You’ll find a full map soon at www.rotterdam2007.nl, you can also register for the workshop at http://eldaplus.org/691.0.html if yo spare 1140e. Let’s hope that the results are more satisfying as the purplish city of Architecture installations we’ve seen so far at several sites in Rotterdam. The same evening will also be the opening evening for the Rotterdam Biennale of Architecture – which deserves an own post to be fully covered.

For a complete list of what’s going on visit our Calendar page.


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