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We focus on architecture related events in Rotterdam. But you’ll also find the occasional movie, or gallery opening in Brussels. If you want to see something on the list, tell us and send an email to m@dysturb.net.

You can also subscribe to our calendar if you use Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Sunbird or anything else supporting the icalendar standard. Or just subscribe to the RSS feed:

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  1. […] Many events are planned between now and through­out the exhi­bi­tion, one of which just passed in Zurich at the ETH, The Open City sym­po­sium. The AIR Foun­da­tion will also be hold­ing a series of Urban Meet­ings. Also to be exhib­ited are the results from the inter­na­tional com­pe­ti­tion, Gotong Royong City – Envi­sion­ing the Future of Jakarta, where the reg­is­tra­tion period is unfor­tu­nately already closed. There are lots of events to keep track of, and we will follow-​up in the coming months, as well as inte­grate the events into our Dys​turb.Net Calendar. […]

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