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broken feeds and other affairs

broken feeds and other affairs by Thomas Stellmach


Tyrrenian Sea (© Hiroshi Sugimoto)

As our dear feed subscribers might have noticed, we’ve been tweaking our feeds (RSS: http://www.dysturb.net/feed/) recently – which led to a lot of double, triple and quadruple posting of the same articles. Sorry for that! We’ve found a solution for these darn special characters. Next in the tweaking queue are the calendar and photo page – expect some improvements soon.

While we’re at it – dysturb readers looking at our feed may also have missed the embedded movie of our recent post of the amazing Berlage master class presentations. Watch their Top-Solid magic here: http://www.dysturb.net/2007/associative-design-berlage/.

If you need some further architainment, why not visit CTTV’s myspace page – or Rem’s. In case you are in the transitional phase like everyone around me and ask yourself grand questions as ‘Which office?’ and ‘What city?’ you could look at wallpaper’s collection of the ‘most exciting architects of the world‘, and decide whether you agree. Then overlap the results with Monocle’s Top 20 liveable cities (login required).

Above photo is by Hiroshi Sugimoto, which I first discovered at the Guggenheim in Bilbao. See his tranquil and pure work at Hirshhorn or his own site. Unfortunately the small thumbnails only convey little of the beauty of his perfectionist imagery.

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