Written by Thomas Stellmach

The Bouwkunde is Burning

The Bouwkunde is Burning by Thomas Stellmach

Bouwkunde burning today at (photo: Radio TV West)

This morning the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology caught fire.
The building was evacuated immediately, there were no injured.

The probable cause of the fire was a short-circuiting in a coffee-machine on the 6th floor of the northern wing of the building, resulting from water leakage. The fire spread to the upper floors and later to the southern wing. Due to the height of the building, the fierceness of the fire and possible collapsing of the building firemen had to retreat and continue their work from the ground.

According to the fire department the building by Van den Broek and Bakema is to be considered lost entirely and could even collapse due to severe damage done to it’s structure.

Images here (Nu.nl) and here (NOS.nl). Movies after the break.

And see the building going down (dumpert.nl).

Amendment: Original design drawings and history of the building on the nai site.

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  1. By now the building has collapsed. Oh my god. Together with Ekim’s office. How is Winy Maas going to save us all now?

  2. Wow, so when is the competition for the new Architecture building??? Amazing to see that the only thing in the NL landscape is an enormous fire, how poetic.

  3. […] the TVCC, just next to the CCTV building is burning. Looks like we have to add a new category of famous buildings in flames… source: Oana & 潘石坚 update: DAMN! this thing is burning like a torch!!! […]

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