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Area with Development Potential >>> Zollverein Coking Plant

Area with Development Potential >>> Zollverein Coking Plant by Thomas Stellmach

Model photography of the coking plant with new western part, photo: Claudia Strahl / ASTOC

Once a gigantic high-performance machinery, daily output of 8,500 tons of coke, as well as ammoniac, bitumen, and benzene, workplace for 1,000 people. Since 1999 open to the public. Today development area for the next building stage on the World Heritage Site.

The coking plant development concept has been presented by ASTOC , the cologne based office for which I am working. It is the basis for future land-use plan. Tenor: The coking plant should become an animated area, whilst maintaining its industrial structures. An urban space for culture and work. Varied, self-dynamic, but easily comprehensible and generating an identity.

Program zones

program zones

The “blue axis” along the row of coke ovens which simultaneously marks the boundary between the black and the white side*1, is assigned a special meaning . It is the entrance, showpiece and – due to its location at the row of the ovens – reception room of the monument coking plant.

The sieving plant in the centre of the “blue axis” will be the knowledge-oriented entry towards the coking plant as well as bridge towards the surrounding. Info point, access to the history of the coking plant, educational institution, conference room. Link to “Nordsternpark” in Gelsenkirchen and to Emscher Landscape Park ( see also Thomas’ article “Emscherpark – Industrial Heritage Done Right”) in the entire northern Ruhr area.

Fundamental ideas of the development concept: Preservation of the existing structures, moderate additions, conversion, settlement. Primarily enterprises from the cultural industry and the service sector. New development areas adjoin the west. Fixed within the development line between the monument and adjacent forest. Variable regarding the division of plots. *2

black side: production of coke
white side: further processing to gas

Extracts from the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Zollverein

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