Written by Thomas Stellmach

An Interview with Ole Bouman

An Interview with Ole Bouman by Thomas Stellmach


Ole Boumann (photo: v2 archives)

Ole Bouman became Director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam a couple of days ago. See the press release and read an extensive interview with him at the bldgblog. From the introduction to the interview:

In May 2005, Ole Bouman, Rem Koolhaas, and Mark Wigley co-founded Volume. Volume was meant as both a magazine and a “global idea platform… dedicated to experimentation and the production of new forms of architectural discourse.” […] In the following interview, Bouman talks to BLDGBLOG about some of these “spatial challenges,” including the role of “agitation” in architecture; who the real audience for architectural journalism might be; the “politics of the spectacular”; unexpected possible side-effects of long-term investment in China; public space and dialogue in post-conflict cities; and the future of the Netherlands Architecture Institute.


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