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A Home in the Sky

A Home in the Sky by Thomas Stellmach

Red & Blue

home in the sky (photo: toms)

We’ve finally visited MVRDV‘s Didden Village, a roof conversion project in the North of Rotterdam (see also our previous post “MVRDV’s first Rotterdammer“).


Wigs (photo: toms)

The place hosted the mobile exhibition series zwervende tentoonstellingen in the rooms of the wig-maker’s atelier.

The design settled – after struggling with a blobby roof landscape – with the iconic shape of 2 mini-huts, houses on top of a house. The addition is covered in blue resin, in stark contrast to the traditional red bricks of the adjacent buildings, evoking the image of a home in the clouds – or maybe expressing the desire for a blue sky considering the always-grey veil covering the dutch skies.

House on a House

House on a House (photo: toms)

The two volumes contain the parent’s bedroom and the children’s room – each with a separate staircase access. The stairwells float above the old building, underlining the additive character of the new rooms.

Master Stairwell

Master Stairwell (photo: toms)

Walking up these stairs you find yourself in the tinted fairy tale landscape, art objects scattered on the roofscape – overwhelmingly blue, a strange lido. The family’s children played between the visiting architects. It was enjoyable to see how laid-back the owners handled the visitors in their appartment.

Blue Roof

Playground (photo: toms)

Not enough blue? Find the full set of pictures on our photo page.


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