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20 seconds

20 seconds by Thomas Stellmach

you and experimentadesign

ExperimentaDesign Lisboa has announced a call to submit a twenty second (20”) video for you to stand a chance to win special passes to EXD’09 Lisboa. More.

I like the idea of constrained design challenges, often leading to more interesting results as absolutely free choice of media. The demo scene comes to mind, with the inherent need to constrain the demos to minimal filesize (a good introduction would be this video), or artists experimenting with a minimal selection of tools: Steve Reich creating sounds by just cutting and looping (interesting enough performed live again by Peter Aidu in the video below), or Lars von Trier and the dogma movement, who banned effects and illusion, to get back to the essence of movie-making.

Steve Reich – Piano Phase (performed by Peter Aidu)

For more about the competition and Experimentadesign –


ExperimentaDesign is an international Biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity oscillating between Lisboa and Amsterdam. This year’s theme is “It’s About Time”, it starts on 9th September in Lisboa. EXD has invited me to cover their event as a media collaborator. See you there in September.

From the press release:


ExperimentaDesign launched a worldwide Call for Entry inviting design savvy individuals and groups to submit a twenty second (20”) video to stand a chance to win special passes to EXD’09 Lisboa.

EXD is looking for daring creative work for its first ever Video Competition. Submitted works must reflect the Biennale’s spirit and convey a particular vision of the theme for EXD’09: It’s About Time. The winning video would have also considered the look and feel of the communication for EXD’09 Lisboa created by Creative Director Ian Anderson. And will be featured as part of the EXD’09 communication campaign.

The author(s) of the winning video will be awarded all access passes to the Opening Week of EXD’09 in Lisbon including accommodation. EXD will also shortlist 5 runners-up who will receive all access passes to the biennale.

EXD is inclusive of various creative agents and disciplines presenting a bespoke programme for each edition. In this unique and inclusive spirit, the 20” Video Competition was established. To enhance international participation the competition is open worldwide to professionals and students over 18 years of age. The competition will be judged by Ian Anderson and members of the EXD communication team.

Submission deadline is 10 July 2009.
For detailed information, conditions and rules visit:

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