Written by Thomas Stellmach

What’s Cooking, Taco?

What’s Cooking, Taco? by Thomas Stellmach

Plagiariarism by Taco Kuijpers

Taco’s new cooking site! (the image above is not Taco, but completely unrelated)

We recently found Taco Kuijers strangely familiar blog (5000 file requests – stealing all our source files – from the same IP within a few minutes don’t go unnoticed).

Some googling revealed that he is an architect, has studied at TU Delft and lives in Delft, works at Molenaar en van Winden and loves cooking and plagiarism.

Taco Source

html source snippet of taco.go.dyndns.org – copyright notice

dysturb source

dysturb.net source for comparison

Stealing our layout, he still bothered to substitute the copyright note with his own name – but not bothering to ask or inform us. We are aware that wordpress itself is published under the GPL license and we love and embrace sharing – for example all content we publish here on dysturb is licensed under a creative commons license (see our info page). This does not extend to the painstaking pixel-pushing and coding work which went into the design of our site, though. So, if you know Taco, tell him to contact us and we’ll sort it out with him!

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  1. YO TACO!
    I think Thomas has been pretty nice on you… especially considering all the incredible hours he (and we’ve) spent designing and programming the website.

    Fucking kill your site, and if not, we know where you live… you also made that public, stupid.


  2. Apparently the loser has taken the site down. Good. Hope this is sorted and doesn’t happen again. Your work on the other hand is very well appreciated in the rest of the world. Greetings from Berlin. Hope things are alright in R. I might be back there soon…

  3. Oopz!

    Never intended in offending you.
    Sorry Thomas!

    This was just a first try for a simple non-public blog and I used some of your code to try to understand how setting up a blog works.

    Anyway needless to say I sure like your design!

    Again sorry if I have offended you.

    I have put this site down now…

  4. @taco: Look and learn is fine – copy and paste not. And that you’ve changed the copyright notice doesn’t really help your case.

    There are plenty of free themes for wordpress which you can readily use – check out http://themes.wordpress.net/. And mind their licensing.

    As to your site being non-public: everybody can see http://taco.go.dyndns.org/ – with your bills, movie download interface, etc. exposed to anybody who cares to look. It is absolutely public – fix that in your own interest (a web search for .htaccess will do).

    But in the end you’ve taken it down. And we appreciate that.

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