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Soulburn scripts – for 3d Connaisseurs

Soulburn scripts – for 3d Connaisseurs by Thomas Stellmach


wireBundler script in action.

The soulburn scripts by Neil Blevins have been updated. They are a useful and free collection of commands to be used with 3ds max or maya.

New in the update:

Added 5 new scripts:

bitmapCollector: Collects all the scene bitmaps and places them into a single directory, updating your scene to point to their new home.
objectPainter: This script lets you paint objects (geometry, splines, lights, helpers, etc) onto a piece of geometry. Like for example, you can make 10 different rocks, and then paint them in a random fashion onto a terrain. This script is still IP, and there will be lots of additions in coming months.
softSelectionControl: Toggles, or turns on or off the soft selection tool for objects.
faceNormalDisplayer: Toggles, or turns on or off the face normal display for objects.
surfaceSnapper: This script allows you to move one object along the surface of a second object. Great for placing objects on a terrain.

Updated a bunch of scripts, here’s the major updates:

materialInfoDisplayer: Added “Number Of Maps In Active Material” function.
nameManager: Renames way faster in some situations
texmapPreview: Script turns off “Select Buckets Mode” in Brazil 1 (if it’s on), and then turns it back on after the render.
objectDropper: Now you can align dropped objects with ground. Also, you can now select an axis, to drop the objects in different directions.
splineKnotToObject: Added ability to instance the objects, and have it use the spline thickness as the object size.


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