Written by Thomas Stellmach

Our Casa is Your Casa

Our Casa is Your Casa by Thomas Stellmach

Welcome to dysturb.net, nice to see you here.

What is this site about? It is about Architecture & Urbanism, Design and Art – all the bits and pieces we stumble upon in the epicentre of the architecture empire. Apart from the latest news in the magazine, you can check out our event calendar, browse the creme de la creme of architecture-related bookmarks or see our hand-picked photo collection, complete with pictures from monday’s Al-Manakh presentation at the NAi. You can always access these pages via the navigation at the top of the page.

This website is our way to reflect, propose, challenge, get excited about, and SHARE the architecture world around us. We’ve made all the web 2.0 goodness available to you: you can view our pictures via our flickr page, you can subscribe to our links via delicious, you can hook our dates into your google calendar or integrate it in your ical. And there are RSS feeds of all our content, be it the articles, the photos, or the calendar events.

But we’d love even more to hear what you think, so comment on our articles, send us that design that made you cry, or be a guest writer!

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