Written by Darrel Ronald

One Version of What it’s Like to Work at OMA

One Version of What it’s Like to Work by Darrel Ronald

© Blue Eye Productions

I had to laugh when I found this video linked from the OMA website. After OMA won the BNA Cube award in the Netherlands, this video was produced by Blue Eye Productions to portray the working atmosphere within the office. I really hope you guys (that work there) respond to this. I can tell that some things are true, but others are misleading, like the fact that the teams in the office “are not competitive.” Also linked from the Blue Eye Productions website are other videos and topics concerning architecture.

And if you get the urge to work for OMA, and haven’t applied all ready, they’re (always) looking for people.

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  1. It looks more stressful than anything else… Not really conveying the “fun” idea of working there at all..

  2. LOL!

    That’s pretty funny, the video makes it look more cheesy than it really is. Keigo is right, there isn’t really any competition between teams or individuals, apart maybe between team leaders… what’s cool is that everyone’s on the same level .. trainee or architects. But if you think it looks stressful in the video ….

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