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Dysturb International – The 2nd Wave

Dysturb International – The 2nd Wave by Darrel Ronald

Dysturb International 2

If you’ve thought that Dysturb is a bit quiet in terms of posts lately, please forgive us. We are growing through an exciting phase and our energy is poured into the many changes in our personal lives as well as into the direction of Dysturb itself. Over the past months, the core Dysturb writers of Claudia Strahl and Darrel Ronald and Thomas Stellmach have been moving around the world. Claudia relocated to Cologne, Germany; Darrel has relocated to MontrĂ©al, Canada; and Thomas has temporarily relocated to Aleppo, Syria. Given this shift, we asked ourselves how to go forward with Dysturb.Net.

Our conclusion is to grow the site to fit the team. Build a network of architects, urbanists and designers that can cover the design capitals around the globe with first-hand experiences and views into how design is embedded into our daily lives, daily cultures, and cities. In this sense, we will continue the strategy of Dysturb, but we will enlarge its geographical scope to cover more cities than just Rotterdam, where us core writers originally were located. Rotterdam has inscribed itself into this blog, and the architectural energy of the city was instrumental in our creation of this project and our desire to contribute to this debate. That said, we do plan to keep the calendar Rotterdam specific, because this fills a specific need locally; perhaps at some point we introduce local calendars, but for now we will not.

This is still an experiment, and we hope that you feel free to comment on our work, and its ability to share interesting and appropriate content. Of course, we do this for fun, and as I’ve written before, we aren’t CNN. To quote one of our original posts on the goal of Dysturb:

This website is our way to reflect, propose, challenge, get excited about, and SHARE the architecture world around us. We’ve made all the web 2.0 goodness available to you: you can view our pictures via our flickr page, you can subscribe to our links via delicious, you can hook our dates into your google calendar or integrate it in your ical. And there are RSS feeds of all our content, be it the articles, the photos, or the calendar events. But we’d love even more to hear what you think, so comment on our articles, send us that design that made you cry, or be a guest writer!

The core writers and editors are and will continue to be:
Thomas Stellmach (Rotterdam, NL + Aleppo, SY)
Darrel Ronald (Montréal, CA)
Martin Sobota (Rotterdam, NL)
Claudia Strahl (Cologne, DE)

We would like to already welcome these new writers and the list is growing:
Edgar Gonzales (Madrid, ES)
Cornelia Redeker (Munich, DE)

So that you know our direction, we are currently attracting writers in these cities:
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Tokyo, Toronto, Zurich and wherever the architecture and urbanism content pours in from. If you feel the desire to be a part of this project, please feel free to contact us through the info page.


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